Storming Enterprises

Forsooth, and not to mention "Trousers, Hurrah and Three for Us!", it has been long in coming, having trod mountains high and puddles deep.

Let it be proclaimed from the tallest turret of the highest tower, brandishing mightiest sword and sporting breastplate shiney that it is here:

Yes, Storming Enterprises is on-line. They said it couldn't be done, and they were right. But now, in an all new guise, they could again lift head and sing proudly "Yak yak drivvle ping! Ooh, look at the size of that one missus! Hoorah!". Hmm. Banana, banana, indeedy!

That's enough trouser-fun. Joanna Lumley! (especially for Ludwig).

Jock McT III, founding member and never fully recovered. Professional Scot, Technical Type and Fotographed Fellow of highest ranking. (Several amusing shots to be seen).

Skunt......hmmmm. Chief Cattle Mechanic and Ovine operative. A late member (steady on, missus) but rarely has such useless talent been seen this side of the Stix.

Our very own James Bond (perhaps not). Keeper of Comestibles and Other Such savoury Foodstuffs, our Shlimes certainly knows his wet mushrooms from his bananas. Suave, sophisticated is what he'd like to be, but sadly stopped short at the shops.

Ahh hah, indeedy, the Marketing Man and downright silly person. Founding member and always was. Now ostracised to the far flung reaches of Bruges for his sins against socks and car tyres (Cosworths indeed!).

Chairman Chap if ever you saw one and Founding Member of this illustrious debacle. Estate agents windows expertly ironed for free. "Norveige: nil point" applies to this very fellow.